What? Why? How?

 What relationship do we have with the sea? Why do I always fall for smooth talkers? What makes me love Chennai so much? Why is the film '2 States' so close to my heart? Why does Thangamey from 'Naanum Rowdy Thaan' make my heart glow? Why are endorphins released after taking the first bite of a croissant? What is my mother's idea of 'romance'? What is the 'honeymoon phase' in any relationship?  Why do people flirt even if I do not reciprocate? How does banana walnut cake hit the right spot always? Why do I not see Gujarati taxi drivers in Mumbai? Why does crying feel therapeutic? Why do some girlfriends understand you so well? Why do some people leave an impression so hard, it haunts you in dreams? Why does Jesus seem cool? Would obituaries be rap songs someday? Will the LGBTQIA+ community someday become a majority? Why is 'At My Worst' from Pink Sweats so relatable?

Hotel Bills: Why The Misogyny?

Dressed in a bright orange bodycon dress, with subtle makeup, my hair all over the place but in a sexy way, not-so-large hoops, and the perfect gold studded heels, I looked my best.  This was a lowkey family dinner to celebrate a very special someone's birthday. We chose a pan Asian restaurant and were seated as couples across from each other.  My boyfriend called for a screwdriver, Aunty and I had pina coladas on our mind and Uncle called for rum. The drinks were in various colours and the waiter was a little too confused. He was under the assumption that the boys won’t call for a yellow colour screw driver drink, nor would they drink pina coladas. In a confused state, he served the drinks. Through the course of the dinner, we exchanged smiles, he asked me several questions, took my feedback, and clicked a few pictures for us. It was time to pay the cheque and leave. Our very naive waiter slid the bill next to Uncle and just casually walked away. Sexism exists, yes but why ignore


She chugs pints of beer, She grooves to Bollywood numbers in cheap clubs, She’s nothing but bare bones and skin with a huge glowing heart, She often likes to keep herself and her lighter a little too “high” She holds each guy close, but not too close enough that they get to see her crazy and oh-so-dazy. She likes all things fried and fancy, With painted nails and an infinity band on her ring finger, she tries hard to conquer it all.  She’s all things you and me, but just miles away from being you and me.   

Away From Home

Away from home, strangers become friends. Colleagues become confidants. The first face you see when you get up, the only people who pass your towel when in the shower.  Away from home, you have a new found courage. An alien environment pushes you to explore places and people. You fine dine, crush and roll, eat a cookie or two, exchange glances, run errands, discover unexplored spots with people unknown.  Sharing a smoke, stolen hugs, and kisses in nooks and corners keep you going.  Girls and boys become partners, lovers. You promise to meet before you fly back to your respective cities, your respective partners. You smile, you share a secret or two, you gleam, you walk away.  Away from home, promises weaken, boundaries blurrr.  Crossing the line seldom counts as a crime.


I come from a Bombay that boasts an ever-growing skyline I come from a Bombay where electricity cute are alien  I come from a Bombay where grabbing ice cream at 2 AM is a thrill I come from a Bombay where 10 ATM kiosks can be found on a single road I come from a Bombay which gives you weed, speed and expects you to keep up with the 'bheed'  I come from a Bombay where chutney sandwich and chaiwallas are the talk of the town I come from a Bombay where cabbies not only drop you at the airport but also wish you 'Happy Journey.' I come from a Bombay where clicking pictures on the most picturesque Bandra Worli Sea link is NOT allowed I come from a Bombay that uses the airport to ramp walk, pour emotions and go on dates with cab crew workers I come from a Bombay where every fourth kid flaunts an iPhone.  I come from a Bombay that looks beautiful in every picture. 

A much needed SOBO photostory!

Postcards from Fort, Bombay⚡ Standard Chartered Bank St Thomas Cathedral Atmasing Jessasing Bankebihari Municipal E.N.T Hospital The Cathedral and John Connon School JCT Limited Concept PR head office, Fort Flora Fountain The Trafford House One Forbes CANDIDS

Christmas In Bombay


This Could Be My Playlist, But It's Not!

His ringtone for when I called was 'Thinking out Loud' by Ed Sheeran.  My chats with him have a collection of songs that he dedicated to us. They were some of his favourites he would send as suggestions once in a while. Some were about us, some about the children he wanted to make with me, some about good times, some about why the break up hurts, some about how good we had it.  1) How Good We Had It  2) Don't Give Me Those Eyes 3) Cold 4) Heart To Heart 5) Good Things Fall Apart 6) September  (James Blunt Collection)  7) All Of Me  8) Monsters 9) High 10) Carry you home 11) Postcards 12) Heart to Heart 13) Stay the Night 14) Halfway 15) Melody 16) Someone you loved by Lewis 17) All I want - Kodaline He lives through the songs he dedicated.   

Looking For My Rafael

Joanna Menezes is a hot 24-year-old I met precisely six years ago at Wilson College. She and her sister Eroisha Fernandes were my batchmates with whom I had not intended to become friends, but life is such that we ended up together, for good. Menezes and I are now inseparable, so much so, that I can totally picture us sitting in a cafe in Paris when we're sixty yet sexy.  View this post on Instagram A post shared by Manthra Koliyer (@whatevrrrr__) She is a Netflix queen, and there was once a time when there was not a single show she had not watched. One of her recommendations was Jane the Virgin, a San American romantic comedy-drama and satirical telenovela developed by Jennie Snyder Urman. This series revolves around the life of Jane Villanueva's life and how it turns upside down after she gets artificially inseminated. She is in for a more tremendous shock when she discovers that the biological donor is her (hot) boss and former crush.  Although I never

I Found Somebody Who Can Love Me At My Worst

I found somebody who can love me at my worst.  Who clicks selfies with me when I'm sleeping with my mouth wide open I found somebody who loves my strawberry thighs, Who has a super cool yet dramatic family just like mine, I found somebody who is ready to learn an alien language because why not, Who is my reel and real boyfriend, I found somebody who travels kilometres apart to have a cheese grill w me, Who sings like nobody is watching, who flexes sticky notes, I found somebody who shares his birthday with Big B and is super Bollywood than him, Who loves beaches and couldn't care less about it because things he loves are just as infinite as his love is,  . . . I found somebody who can love me at my worst.

Sutta & Chai Ft. Swiggy Delivery Men

When I pursued a diploma in journalism from The Asian College Of Journalism (ACJ), Chennai, I got the chance to meet people from different walks of life. If you knew me or met me during my ACJ days, you would know that I absolutely loved reporting.  Meeting new people, and talking with them about things just thrills me. We used to go with a few questions in mind and would end up hearing stories for hours. Yes, that's how reporting works. It was a beautiful experience for a person like me, who loves to talk with people.  I have gone to fishermen's quarters on the loop road in Chennai, toured around Adyar sitting behind a Swiggy delivery woman, waited from dawn to dusk at the super scary Erwadi dargah, met Sri Lankan refugees, and the list goes on and on. Reporting almost every second day, made me realize how beautiful Journalism is, and how fortunate I was to get such a chance. Journalism humbles you. It shapes you in ways unknown.  Being on the roads with a Swiggy delivery woma

Poker? DUH!

Did poker happen to me?  It wasn't poker, but my father and all of my family members hyped Kumar Mama's game. I kinda won in a random card game against him when we were in the train going to our native place. So maybe that's were all of this started!  My grandmother gave my mother a few pastings for playing cards with her family members. She also made my uncle take a bath before entering the house because on a random hot sunny day, he decided to play cards. Today, I write about card games for a living. Praise the lord, that woman is not alive anymore, haha!   Poker let me write and explore everything else that I loved to write, act and be. I tried my hand at Instagram reels, script writing, and more. I've initiated interviews with poker players at 12 AM and spoken  Poker helped me pursue a secret project!  Poker helped me find my mentor!  Poker got me closer to right and wrong people!  . . . . . This is a developing story, entirely based on how long I write, I am at thi

7 Reasons To Love You More!

 I like your friendly banters,  I like your smile, I like how you pull my leg in Whatsapp group chats but send heart emojis across in pc, I like how you make ugly faces while we video call,  I like how you wake up in the wee hours just to see me in sweaty yoga pants, I like how you promise me gifts, but you hardly know any of my favourites! Haha!  I like how warm waffles make you smile! 


Bombay is beautiful. Okay, not all parts. I've always envied Bandra but the whooshing sounds of auto rickshaws was always a turn off. I explored Bandra with a different set of people. I've been to the church with several loved ones. I've made promises, I've broken promises. I've laughed, admired and drowned in the sound of my laughter.  The first few memories of Bandra was when I attended the Mother Mary fair with my neighbours. Walking through the aisles of Bandra church, looking around for the smallest souvenir I could take home, going to their relatives' places, gosh what a beautiful time. A few years later, I explored parts of Bandra from the gates of National College. Some days with my college friends, sitting at Carter's, Bandstand, cafes. From going to Bandra for a cup of coffee at 11 PM to sitting at Carter socials with my favourite girl, Saachi, Bandra has seen it all. Years later, my favourite girl Amrutha was in Bombay for a conference. The reside

Love Notes 101

 I promise to be yours till human beings flock to the moon.  Till Alice finds a way to our dirty dark world, Till chocolate becomes a sedative, Till aliens invade our planet, Till you and your grandchildren bully me for making the first move. Love and lot's of Love❤